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Ford’s Solution to “Pinball” Parking


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASometimes there are those tasks in life which just make your day that little bit harder than necessary. Posting a letter when you have no stamps. Opening a jar when the lid just will not budge. Parking your car when the pace is only just big enough. Ford may be able to help you out with that last one thanks to their innovative Active Park Assist.

Accompanied by this rather comical advert, which if you have ever visited France you will know it to be not far from the truth, Ford’s Active Park Assist scans for a space that is large enough for your car and will then park all by itself. Magic! Well, not quite but it is very clever how the car uses its parking sensors to detect how close other vehicles are whilst it reverses into the space. All you have to do is cover the brake and let the computer do the rest. Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it? Well you don’t require the starship Enterprise for this option, simply a car with a Ford badge…

Watch the pinball video along with the blue ovals other “remarkable technologies” campaigns. Fords motto of “Go Further” is embodied in the new tech that is no longer a fantasy, but can now be found in your own car. Thought of something you want your automobile to do? Visit Ford.com and share your ideas there. You never know, the boffins at Ford might think it is a very good idea!

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