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Pinch of Salt Time, 1,200BHP Veyron Alleged


The legendary 1001BHP Bugatti Veyron, is in our eyes the most complete engineering masterpiece the world has ever seen. It will remain composed and contented at 253MPH as if it were 70MPMH. The care literally has to stretch the laws of physics in order to gain admittance to reality as its those very laws that work against it when traveling over anything above 100MPH. Undoubtedly this car is a marvel, but one question has been raised time and again. Is it the best it can be? According to the latest reports, it hasn’t reached its full potential yet.

Professor Ferdinand Piëch is the Veyron’s creator and whilst giving a lecture at the Vienna University of Technology he reportedly let slip the news of a more powerful Bugatti. 1,200 was the figure he spoke of in terms of horse power, but that is all he told students. Although no longer working for VW, being the chief designer of the original it makes sense that he is kept in the loop.

Please take this with a pinch of salt as this tale has been flying around since the dawn of the Veyron, however with this apparent new evidence and the fact that production is coming to an end, it would seem that now is the opportune moment for such a machine.