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Police Find Jag XF To Be Purr-fect


The central motorway police group who patrol the motorways of the midlands have 7 new predators to combat their law disregarding prey! The award winning Jaguar XF has been selected to aid these good PC’s in their day-to-day combing of Staffordshire, Mercia and the West Midlands. This we commend as it’s about time our police had something more adequate than a diesel Astra to catch burglar bill.

The Jag is perfect in almost every conceivable way! First off it’s a true representation of Brittan, despite its Indian funding Jaguar is still renowned for its truly English character. Secondly it brings the police force into the 21st century with the XF’s truly revolutionary, Star Trek inspired, layout. The Police specification pussy-cats get the 275BHP 3.0 litre diesel and the obvious blues and twos treatment. This XF can also manage 42MPG and CO2emitions of 179g/km.

We at Inside Lane have been on about remodelling the fleet of UK police force for ages. The Jag is a good start… Roll on the ArielAtoms!