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Porsche 911 50 Years Edition Celebrates the Legend


Jubiläumsmodell 50 Jahre 911The Porsche 911 is to the automotive industry what evolution is to nature. 50 years of tickles and tweaks have produced a car that is one of the worlds ultimate driving machines. Both on track and on the road the 911 has been a huge success and so its 50th Birthday is indeed one of note. Amidst various celebrations Porsche have released a new special edition.

Named the Porsche 911 50 Years Edition, this car that is based upon the Carrera S receives some additions that hark back to the 911’s history. With a wider body and chrome detailing, not to mention a modern-day interpretation of those now famous rims, give this 991 911 a true visual link to its past. In the cockpit fabric seats and classic instrument panel welcome occupants. Powered by a 395BHP flat-six, 0-62MPH can be done and dusted in just 4.5 seconds in the manual and 4.3 in with the PDK option.

Porsche will produce just 1963 units, the year that the 911 came to be, in total each with a price tag of £92,257.

Jubiläumsmodell 50 Jahre 911Jubiläumsmodell 50 Jahre 911