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Porsche 911 Back Edition Shows Its Dark Side


Porsche have some very ambitious plans for this year, one of which is to surpass their all-time sales record. A tuff job but as they produce the worlds most popular sports cars they feel its achievable. One way they are planning on building the numbers is by launching yet more special edition cars to induce those with rare tastes in to a purchase. Where better to start this attack of the limited editions than on a car they have been developing for 48 years, the 911.

Limited to just 1,911 examples this is the Porsche 911 Black edition. Based upon the 911 Carrera it is available in both coupe and cabriolet flavors. It is powered by a 3.6 litre flat-six with 345BHP and comes standard with 19” rims. Various plaques make the car known to be no ordinary Porsche as well as the chrome touches to the interior. The car will set you back £67,270 for the coupe and £74,958 for the cabriolet making it quite the premium to pay for a car that in truth is just a different colour to the standard model.

No doubt Porsche will sell every single one but you must ask yourself “if you are buying this car for exclusivity, could you point it out in a car park full of standard 911’s?”