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Porsche 911 GT2 RS Official: UPDATED


A couple of weeks back we brought you news of Porsche’s completely bonkers 911 GT2 RS. With images leaked from the dealer conference where the car was shown for the first time, it was only going to be so long before the German manufacturer made it official.

The speculated figures for this road-going behemoth where rather accurate in comparison with what Porsche have now told us. The 911 GT2 will have 620BHP that is supplemented by a 3.6 litre, twin turbo variant of its famous flat six. That is an overall increase of 90BHP over the now standard GT2 and with that it can reach 60MPH in 3.4 seconds from standing. However, all this extra power still makes this monster 0.3 seconds slower to 60MPH than a Turbo S but then it does reach 205MPH as opposed to 198MPH. Porsche say that the GT2 RS is capable of lapping the Nurbergring in 7:18.

All that power and carbon fibre, not to mention lashings of Alcantara, will set you back $245,000. If you are crazy enough to spend that sort of money on a car that is likely to be more uncomfortable that the standard GT2, you best hurry down to your dealer as there are only 500 on offer.


Some new video footage of the GT2 RS as well as more images…