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#ThrowbackThursday Porsche 911 Speedster


2011 Porsche 911 SpeedsterThe term “cool” is overused as an adjective these days, however, several things that are undoubtably “cool” are Martini strips, retro fridges and the Porsche 911 Speedster. There have been several 911s that have carried that nameplate but the last was based upon the 997 incarnation back in 2011. Only available in Pure Blue or Carrara White, this Speedster is a rare creature indeed. Just 356 were produced, a number chosen in relation to the classic Porsche 356, and each cost a vast £144,100. This is substantially more than a Carrera Cabriolet

Seating just two, the design incorporated that distinct double-bubble shell and steeply raked windscreen. Retro touches such as the alloy wheels complimented the car greatly. What wasn’t retro was the 402BHP flat-six engine which sent its power to the rear wheels via Porsche’s 7 speed PDK gearbox. 0-62MPH took just 4.4 seconds and it would go onto a top speed of 190MPH. Aluminium doors and carbon brakes meant that it weighed no more than a Carrera 2 S Cabriolet.

The Porsche 911 Speedster is a car that looks fast even when standing still. Being only the third Speedster model in Porsche history, and its low production numbers, makes it quite the collectors car today.