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Porsche 918 RSR Arrives In Detroit


With growing pressure from the Eco-Nazi this breed of car is desperately looking for a way to appease them before they are made extinct. Porsche last year started a revolution by unveiling the 918 Concept, a hyper car of biblical proportions but with enough green credentials to beat off the authorities. So much interest was generated that Porsche found themselves with over 1000 calls asking when they can place an order; the result was that Porsche had no other option than to announce it for production. Yet it is in motorsport where the German brand really earned its stripes and so at the Detroit motor show we catch our first glimpse of the 918 RSR!

With the same beautiful architecture this one seat racing variant is powered by both the 6.2 litre V8 in the middle of the car and two 75 kilowatt motors up front. Paired with regenerative breaking this car could be seen as one of the most competitive in endurance motorsport due to reduced fuel consumption let alone 767BHP. The Formula One derived KERS finds its way into the 918 for an extra performance boost when needed.