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2012 Porsche Cayenne GTS Revealed


Today car manufacturers are looking for undiscovered niches in the market in order to gain every possible sale under the sun.  We have had crazy 4X4’s that pretend to be sports cars, the ever popular baby SUV and now the rush is on for each badge to produce what is being dubbed a “super SUV.” Porsche has added a sportier edge to the Cayenne with a new GTS model.

It appears that the GTS badge will one day soon be available on every Porsche model, but this morning we received word that the brilliant new Cayenne is next. Bases on the Cayenne S, the GTS is powered by the same V8 engine but in this form BHP is cranked up to 420. The Germans have also loaded the car with their 8 speed flappy-paddle affair meaning the in tandem with all that power, the high riding Porch will cover 0-62MPH in just 5.7 seconds and 0-100MPH in 13.3. The chassis has had a good going over to insure a more focused experience than other Cayenne models.

The Porsche Cayenne GTS will be available in July.