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Porsche Cayman R Revealed


The Porsche Cayman is often joked as being the “poor mans Porsche” along with the Boxster. In many respects we would agree that this car is but a shadow of its bigger brother, the 911, but being 30% of a legend is better than being 100% of an average car. Truth be told the little Cayman is well engineered, good value for money and more importantly fun to drive. However when we received an E-Mail this morning with the opening “Porsche reserves the letter R for very special sports cars” we did get a little excited.

The Porsche Cayman R takes its place at the top of the Cayman food chain offering more power, a sports chassis and more focused suspension over the S model. It is powered by a tweaked 3.4 litre engine that gives the driver 330BHP, thats 10 more than the Cayman S. This power is sent to the rear with the aid of a six-speed manual that gives the car a potential 0-62MPH in 5.0 seconds but tick the box for the, good luck pronouncing this: Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, it drops by 0.1 seconds. However you can lower the time to 62MPH even further by opting for the Sports Chrono package to achieve it in 4.7. Weight is also down in addition to racing stripes.