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Porsche Cayman Spider Teased


2014 Porsche Cayman SpiderThe sports car market is a highly competitive environment, but also one that can make a company a lot of money if their ingredients amount to a popular recipe. Porsche for decades have fine tuned their formula for success producing some damn fine cars along the way! The latest generation Porsche Cayman is so good that it tactually presents a viable case in place of a 911. However, this  a dog eat dog world and with the likes of Jaguar and other manufactures making life a little bit less comfortable for the Germans, they must now look for niche products to try and maintain their advantage. Porsche Cayman Spider Teased.

After years of speculation, Porsche have teased the up and coming Porsche Cayman Spider. The convertible variation of the sports coupe has had forums ablaze for a long time, but at the New York motor show Porsche will show it to the public. Expected to mimic the engines of the Cayman and Cayman S, the spider will add some open top fun to the mix. A 325BHP GTS model is also expected to be unveiled. Obviously pricing and technical data has yet to be announced but it wouldn’t be foolish to guess that the top of the range GTS car might cost £52,879.

It looks like internet speculators have finally got what they wanted…

April Fools!

Did you work it out? Porsche already do a convertible variant of the cayman… It’s called the Boxster! Even so, for years people have speculated that Porsche would make an identical car and badge it differently. The image above is of a Boxster and the quoted price for a Porsche Cayman Spider GTS is the exact cost of a Boxster GTS.