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Porsche Confirm Baby Cayenne


The Porsche Cayenne has always been a topic of conversation as far as likes and dislikes are concerned. Personally I have always loved the car for its ability to be fast on almost any surface and with its recent redesign its looks are much more palatable. For years there has been speculation as to a “soft-roader” variant of the big Cayenne and today Porsche confirms its development.

A meeting yesterday of the supervisory board from Porsche announced the development and further growth of the company. Here it was announced that a small crossover is to be given the green light and provide a new entry level model to potential 4X4 owners. Dubbed the Cajun, it will more than likely share many of its parts with the VW Tiguan in the same way that the Touareg borrows from the Cayenne. Also a big emphasis was made on the use of light weight materials to improve performance.

Expect the Cajun to make its debut some time late next year and go on sale the following.