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Porsche Launch 911 Carrera 4 GTS


The Porsche model range is bigger than ever. It is hard to imagine that once upon a time the German company had a list of products numbering only one. These days they do tubro’s, GTS, coupe, convertibles, diesels and even hybrids. Porsche today have announced that you will now be able to buy their 911 Carrera GTS model with four-wheel-drive.

The GTS model, introduced just a few months ago, adds an even more refined character to the Porsche 911. Coupling the car with their fabled drive train means that the 408BHP flat-six becomes a fantastic GT car. The 3.8 litre coupe and convertible goes on sale this July ready for the summer. The coupe starts at £83,145 and the drop-top a very costly £90,024.

Is this Porsche launching yet another model for the sake of it? We think so but if people are buying them and are not getting biblically confused due to the vast amounts of choice then Porsche have their justification.