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Porsche Launch New 911 GT3 RSR


The Porsche 911 has a seemingly endless number of variations. From Turbo S’ to the Carrera, the GT2 RS to the Sport Classic. This German sport car is the Rubix Cube of the automotive industry. Beyond being the worlds best selling sports car the 911 is also the worlds most successful racing car. This is set to continue with the new GT3 RSR.

Built to compete in a host of races, from endurance to club, the updated GT3 RSR is powered by a 460BHP 4.0 litre engine. A six-speed sequential gearbox is responsible for charging through the cogs when out on track. The car also has wider tyres in comparison to its predecessor and gains more grip thanks to the larger contact points. Do you own a racing team and feel this 911 could fit the bill for next season? Or do you have some spare cash and just want a new toy? Well the GT3 RSR can be yours for around £420,000.

Our only disappointment is that it isn’t based upon the latest 911, but good things come to those who wait…