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Porsche Launch Yet Another Special Edition 911


How many special editions of a car can you make until it is no longer special. Mazda have been doing it for years with the MX-5 to the point where the news of a new variant is met with “oh, ok.” Porsche of late, in a bid to crank up sales to beat records by the end of 2011, have been releasing 911’s with stickers left, right and centre. If you thought the black edition was the last then you are very much mistaken. Now the Germans are launching a limited run to promote another car in the range.

Ok, so the launch of Porsche’s new flagship supercar is a pretty big deal for the automotive world but do we really need yet another generic “we would like more money off you” product? This is the Porsche 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder and it is identical to a standard Turbo S in every way other than it has green stitching on the seats and a few decals advertising another car. This 911 will only be available to those who place an order for the 918. Well I suppose it gives them something to do until their other supercar arrives.

As for you Porsche… Have mercy upon our souls and only produce a special edition if it truly is SPECIAL!