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Porsche LMP1 Prototype Ahead of Schedule


2014 Porsche LMP1The World Endurance Championship, or WEC, is an event a growing number of manufacturers are looking to join. The technology involved in winning races has direct relevance to road cars in their light weight materials and fuel saving measures. The crown jewel of these races is the legendary LeMan 24 hour, an event of prestige and great history. Porsche set their sights on the top step.

2014 shall see Porsche’s return to LeMan as they shall field a top tier LMP1 prototype race car. The car itself turned its first wheel weeks earlier than expected. Head of the LMP1 effort, Fritz Enzinger, said “Our newly formed team has worked with utmost concentration on getting this highly complex vehicle on the track as soon as possible. This allows us a few additional weeks for more testing and further development. From 2014, the regulations are primarily based on efficiency. This makes the competition amongst engineers more interesting and presents us with completely new challenges.” Though clearly enthusiastic, the question is will the Porsche team be allowed to challenge the dominant fellow VW group member Audi? The answer is yes according to the VW Group motorsport boss.

With Toyota being a real challenger to Audi last year and an innovative effort from Porsche in 2014, endurance racing is hotting up!