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Porsche Panamera Diesel Launched


Once upon a time diesel was the fuel of the devil. It produced noises associated with tractors and canal boats, it was unexciting and used exclusively by hippies. However these days diesel is very popular as one of its many benefits is extended range over petrol. You can even get diesel performance cars now. Take the new Panamera diesel for example.

On sale from August the diesel powered super saloon has all of the perks from the petrol model, including that sumptuous interior, but with the addition of diesel efficiency. The 3.0 litre turbo V6 produces 250BHP as well as a continent shifting 550Nm of torque. 0-62MPH takes just 6.8 seconds and you can loiter in luxury at its top speed of 150MPH all day if you so wish. Fuel economy comes in at 43.5MPG combined but opt for the lower rolling resistance tyres and that increases to 44.8MPG.

Prices start from £62,134.