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Porsche Panamera Hybrid Launched


In a world where we are rapidly being herded towards “greener” forms of transportation, what happens if you want to retain a performance car? Would you be shot at dawn? Forced to do 20 years manual labor? The answer is a combination of these as the highly taxed machines attempt to choke the owners into submission. However all manufacturers these days must show some form of greenery in order to exist, or else they will be pushed into the sea, and so we are seeing the emergence of the eco-friendly supercar. Porsche are next to take the plunge.

The German company recently announced 3 all-electric Boxster test cars last week but anything of that sort of caliber is at least a year or two away for the public. Today Porsche has launched the Panamera Hybrid, a luxury performance machine that is enough to trick the boarder guards to the road. Based on the Cayenne’s powertrain, the 3.0 litre V6 still produces 330BHP but it is also mated to an electric motor meaning 44BHP of that grand some is clean. 0-62MPH arrives in 6 seconds and the top speed of 168MPH is more than enough to please those looking for a tower of power yet maintaining some green credentials. £86,146 is what it will take to net a Panamera S Hybrid.