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Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Claims 91MPG


Panamera S E-HybridWhen you think of fuel economy one of the last names that pops into your head would be Porsche. Their performance inspired range may be efficient in its delivery of power, but you wouldn’t expect one of these German cars to offer eco-box levels of greenness. Well that was until now…

Porsche’s “love it or hate it” Panamera Hybrid gets a mild refresh externally but a revolution under the skin. Outside the car receives a bigger rear window and slightly more sculpted bumpers, but under the bonnet sits a new 3.0 litre V6 engine with 316BHP coupled to a 94BHP electric motor. 91MPG is claimed to be possible in this super saloon. Expecting performance to be on the castrated side? WRONG! 0-62MPH in vanquished in 5.5 seconds and the new Hybrid has a top speed of 167MPH. It will even do up to 86MPH in an all-electric mode.