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Porsche Shows 918 Prototype


As someone who is fond of BHP, large engines and overall performance, the way the world is changing isn’t exactly in my favor. Cylinders from engines are dropping like flies and we are forever blamed for the size our carbon footprint. The result is that many of us are slowly being forced down the “green” route like it or not. Now, I don’t mind lending Mr polar bear a hand, but I don’t feel I should compromise what I enjoy. Being green needs to be as fun as being mean to the environment. Porsche’s 918 Spyder may just be the perfect solution.

Set to enter production in September 2013, the hybrid supercar promises top of the line performance whilst keeping the owners conscious clean. How does 770BHP, a beautiful sculpture for a body and MPG that is beyond comprehension for a machine such as this sound? Sign me up! Porsche are sharing these images of a prototype just to quench the worlds thirst until the 918’s launch.