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Porsche Unleash Cayenne Turbo S


The Porsche Cayenne is much like automotive Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. The vast majority of people who hate it lack time behind the wheel of this super SUV as its capabilities mechanically are astonishing. It can handle a good amount of the rough stuff too! Today the Germans bring us the most potent incarnation of the Cayenne in the form of the Turbo S.

The thing to remember here is that this is a big, particle 4X4 and not a sports car. Baring that in mind whilst hearing that the new Turbo S can crack 0-62MPH in just 4.5 seconds is enough to boggle the mind. This rapid acceleration is thanks to a 550BHP 4.8 litre turbocharged V8 that lives under the bonnet. Add a top speed of 176MPH into the mix and what you have is something explosive. Despite this fantastic performance fuel economy sites at a reasonable 24.6MPG. The Turbo S also gets its own set of unique 21 inch rims as well as a few other exterior tweaks.

Set to cost £107,460 it is not cheap, but then there are very few cars that can boast the same credentials.