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Q and A with Inside Lane


Ladies and gentlemen I give you post number 1,000 since the opening of the new Inside Lane site last year. To commemorate this ever so slightly over dramatized moment we gave you guys the opportunity to ask our four lads anything. Thank you to all who sent us in your questions in on twitter! So lets get on with it then…


Q1. “If everyone had to own one car what would it be?”
Tyler: Ford Focus RS
Matt: Aston Martin DB9
Steve: 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429
Dan: (His personal) 1998 Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 with a crack in the manifold and poorly resprayed body.


Q2. “What is your biggest hate out on the road?”
Tyler: The many potholes that have shattered my spine!
Matt: The infamous Chelsea tractors driven by mothers who have never heard of a Ford Fiesta.
Steve: Elderly cyclists specifically those with shopping bags and a lack of control.
Dan: Speed bumps the size of Mt. Everest.


Q3. “Random question, what are your favorite colours?”
Tyler: Blue
Matt: Orange
Steve: Crimson
Dan: Red


Q4. “Ferrari or Lamborghini?”
Tyler: (Head exploded whilst trying to come to a decision.)
Matt: Ferrari
Steve: Lamborghini
Dan: Lamborghini

End post 1,000.