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Qt Wildcat 300 STR, Worlds Meanest Off-Roader!


The Bowler Wildcat was a colossal 4X4 making its Land Rover Defender base have rally car performance over any terrain. But for a while now we have heard nothing from Bowler and its magnificent machine and that’s because rights to the Wildcat had been bought by a company named Qt, and they have gone about making some serious upgrades to the original car. Now named the 300STR, it’s even more insane!

The new Qt Wildcat 300 STR has the same rugged Land Rover Defender shell as its Bowler brother, but its awesome 4 litre V8 has been tuned to achieve 0-60MPH in 5.9 seconds. That is phenomenal for something that isn’t exactly a sports car. Its tubular chassis, 4 wheel drive system and five point harnesses mean that you can go from London’s streets to the start of the Paris Dakar Rally in no time at all. Though Qt says with its iPod dock, Bluetooth and hi-fi this Wild cat is much more refined. Hmmm, a Defender that can climb mountains at 3 figure speed is more refined than what exactly? Being beheaded?


  1. ive been tryin to find out if the wildcat can have the back coverted to house seats so the kids can have all the fun of what it has to offer