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R.I.P Lamborghini Murcielago


Lamborghini, the raging bull… The only manufacturer to take on Ferrari at there own game out of spite and win. Its existence justified when a tractor manufacturer had an argument with Enzo Ferrari over supercars and deciding that he could do a better job. Stooped in history and draped in iconic design work Lamborghini has gained passage to motoring fame. When VW took the helm of the Italian company the world waited with baited breath as the first of their new cars was announced. Would it be a sensible supercar and undermine the badge? Gladly, the car was every bit as bonkers at its predecessor and the world instantly became encapsulated. Today that cars legacy has come to an end.

The Lamborghini Murcielago over the past 9 years has become one of the ultimate machines money can buy. Spawning several variants including the astonishing SV! The car though a heavy weight has so much grip that very few have experienced it “loose” even with traction control off. Its V12 howl will be missed and iconic scissor doors remembered. But 4099 Murcielago’s later it will always be remembered as the car that this generation of kids had pinned to their wall.