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R.I.P RX-8


Today was a victory for the green people, those who are the cars worst enemy. Next year we lose a dam good sports car thanks to the sort of people who protest every time a buttercup is run over. The much loved Mazda RX-8 will not go on sale for the 2011 model year thanks to stricter emission regulations in Europe. The new Euro-5 emission standards deem the cars fantastic rotary engine to be “too dangerous for polar bears” and so have banned it from the showrooms. There is a replacement in the works but that won’t be ready until 2013 and reports say that even the new engine could suffer when Euro-6 standards are brought into force.

We have always been fond of the RX-8 with its ultra-modern suicide doors and low slung body, it offers so much for its price and to a huge target audience of people who would love a sports car but need four seats. I recommend if you fit the criteria for this car you waste no time in making a purchase as the sands of time are slipping by.

Well I’m going to find an excuse to review the latest rendition of the car just to annoy the people who have done this. They can go and stick their recycling where the sun doesn’t shine!