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Range Rover Evoque Five-Door Breaks Cover


Range Rover undoubtably make some of the worlds greatest 4X4’s that take occupants to the far horizon and back, driving over everything it can and straight through anything it can not, all this in high levels of luxury. So when the company announced a crossover we thought that it was the wrong sort of product for the brand but if this smaller car aids them in dodging Greenpeace then we will give it a go. The Evoque is a vary good looking car and Range Rover has now added two extra doors to the profile.

Starting life as the LRX concept car the Evoque is a sporty yet elegant coupe/crossover. To be revealed at the LA motor show, the five door variant adds an extra function of practicality and to be honest makes the design even more appealing. It was never a bad looking car but those rear doors do change the profile to be a bit more domineering, which we like. Sales begin summer 2011 and prices start at £30,000.