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Range Rover Evoque Specification And Pricing Announced


Today the soft-roader is a widely accepted category in the motor industry. The cars that qualify for this bracket are those that attempt to keep the perks of a high 4X4 yet lack the off-road get up and go of their elder siblings. However what is currently forming is yet another new subcategory that sits about these pothole punters yet below a premium mud plugger. Still capable when it comes to muddy slopes but still much smaller than a standard 4X4. Even Porsche intend to get in on this game later this year but the forerunner for the breed has been the Range Rover Evoque.

Full UK pricing and specifications have just been announced by the brand. The brilliantly sculpted design was originally seen on the LRX concept in 2008 but now sits as the face of Range Rovers new baby. Prices start from £27,995 for the 5-door 6 speed manual with 2WD and less than £1,000 for the equivalent 4WD. At the top end of the scale is the very costly Si4 6 speed automatic Dynamic Coupe with LUX pack. However that does pack a 230BHP punch that can shift this little bruser to 60MPH in just 7.1 seconds. There are 12 colours to chose from as well as 3 interior grades.

The Range Rover Evoque goes on sale September.