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Range Rover SVAutobiography is Private Jet on wheels


Range Rover SVAutobiography

Due to be unveiled at the New York Motor Show next week, here is the new Range Rover SVAutobiography and will replace the Autobiography Black. Autobiography in the land of Range Rover, is essentially a bi-word for ‘luxury’, ‘bling’ and ‘you probably can’t afford this’. This will be a category you will be a part of unless you have a cool £148,900 in your wallet.

This is pretty much the pinnacle of the Range Rover line-up, so what are you getting for all that money? For starters, there is a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine producing 543bhp and 503 lb ft of torque. There is also optional two-tone paintwork on offer, a unique front grille finished in Graphite Atlas and chrome as well as quad exhaust pipes.

On first look at the interior, you will start to see where the money is going. The opulence of the cabin can only be compared to the likes of the Mercedes S Class. Exquisite detailing meets what looks like the most comfortable thing on four wheels. In the front and rear, this SVAutobiography is garnished in technology and creature comforts. Some of these include the lazyboy powered rear-seat tables, solid aluminium coat hooks and of course, the fridge. The Range Rover SVA is also available with ‘Event Seating’. The tailgate is lowered to reveal two picnic chairs, when I say picnic chairs, I of course mean picnic chairs finished in Windsor leather, what else?

Range Rovers are becoming increasingly popular, from the Evoque to the Autobiography models they really do sell in their thousands. And even with this steep price tag, I can’t see this being an exception.


Range Rover SVAutobiography cabin