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Red Bull Explain 2014 Formula One Rules


Red Bull RB10 Vet RicAs by now I am sure you will have read, defending world champions Red Bull Racing have not have a good time of it during preseason testing for 2014. Their new RB10 racing car has proven to be unreliable, and so far at least, unable to complete a race distance. Part of the issue comes from Renault’s new 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 engine which is far behind in development when compared to favourites Mercedes-Benz. Another problem is the tight packaging of the cars bodywork which is leading to overheating issues. The question is not will world champion Sebastian Vettel win the first race, more, will he even finish it?

In this video Red Bull new boy, Daniel Ricciardo, takes us through the vast changes that the 2014 rules bring. Presumably it is all done in CGI because their actual car was busy being taken apart by mechanics.