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Red Bull Get their Own Way as Pirelli Change F1 Tyre


Red BullThe biggest change to Formula One for 2013 has to be the tyres. Pirelli were encouraged to produce compounds of rubber that would lead to to more pit stops during a race weekend and induce more stagey from teams as the laps go by. Though successful in meeting their objective, there have been criticisms of the new tyres in Formula One with some saying that the cars can no longer drive at their limit due to the fast degradation of the rubber.

Most teams have simply started to work around this problem and altered their cars accordingly, however, defending world champions Red Bull Racing have been very vocal saying that it “has nothing to do with racing any more.” It is indisputable that the Red Bull car is very quick, but it shreds its tyres like there is no tomorrow and this has allowed teams such as Lotus, who’s car is good on tyres, to surpass them. Ferrari also appear to have mastered the new compounds as although they made four pit stops during the Spanish Grand Prix, Alonso still comfortably won the race.

Pirelli have announced that they are to change the make-up of the tyre so that they are more durable during the race. It would appear that Red Bull’s public tantrum has paid off as the team have got their way. Amazing how when they are winning races you don’t hear a peep out of them isn’t it?