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Red Bull RB7 F1 Car An Engineering Marvel


Formula One cars are incredible engineering achievements as each and every one of them defies physics upon exiting the pit lane. Even the slowest F1 car on track is simply on another planet in terms of speed in comparison to the likes of a Le Mans racer. There are so many intricacies that make up these fabled creatures that it takes the worlds best to build and run them. When we got up close and personal with the Lotus-Renault GP car a few weeks back we were amazed at what it takes to even get one of these beasts in motion. Red Bull’s RB7 F1 car is putting other, much more established, teams to shame. Why?

Lewis Hamilton described this team as “just an energy drinks company” but here we are with Red Bull Racing poised to take their second drivers and constructors title. Obviously a major contributor to their victories is the seemingly unstoppable Sebastian Vettel, but what of the car beneath him. The RB7 was designed by Adrian Newey, someone who is heralded as the Di Vinci of Formula One. This car is aerodynamically superior to its competitors in almost every way. Even the cars general posture generates downforce regardless of its wings and other aero devices. The teams strong alliance with Renault means that they are powered by one of the best engines in the sport revving to 18,000RPM via a 2.4 litre, 32 valve, cast-aluminium V8. The combinations of genius design and an ever increasing budget have propelled this team to the top. The RB7 is quickly becoming one of the most successful Formula One cars in the sports history.