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Red Bull RB9 Aims For Championship


Red Bull RB9 profileOnce upon a time Red Bull were the joke of the Formula One paddock. A fizzy drinks branded car in the worlds most glamorous motorsport? Surely theyRed Bull RB9 front could never muster what it takes to beat the likes of Ferrari and McLaren. How wrong we all were! The triple world championship winning team is showing no signs of stopping as they press on with what they hope will be their fourth title in a row.

The 2013 Red Bull RB9 will be piloted by the familiar due of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. The car itself is almost no different from the RB8 that we saw last season, but let us not forget that it was a race winning car. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Adrian Newey said smiling that “the devil is in the detail.” Will the RB9 be as successful as its predecessor? We just wont know until the first race, but we all know that Newey wouldn’t be smiling for no reason.