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Refreshed Aston Martin Vanquish set for 2015 Launch


Vanquish Volante in Divine Red_9In 2012 we were dazzled and seduced by the all new Aston Martin Vanquish, a car that more than any other captures the essence of fine art and high technology and melds it together in one glorious four wheeled showcase. It may only have seemed like five minutes ago when the first few spy shots of its unmistakable form came filtering through to our screens but believe it or not, the tour de force that is the Vanquish is now due for a bit of a refresh.

Vanquish in Tungsten Silver_3Cosmetically, the new Vanquish is no revolution, nor is it really much of an evolution. Besides a couple of subtle styling revisions inside and out – the 2015 model is adorned with a gleaming new set of ten-spoke alloys, gets a smattering of new interior leather trim options as well as a few extra exterior paint schemes – we really would be pretty hard pressed to separate this model from the 2012 version. But change is not always a good thing and that adage certainly rings true with the Vanquish. At the end of the day, why tinker with design perfection?

Vanquish Volante in Divine Red_20However, it is under the familiar skin where most of the alterations manifest themselves. Entirely performance orientated, the raft of revisions is headlined by an all-new eight-speed automatic gearbox which replaces the outgoing six-speed unit. Lighter and more responsive than its predecessor – shift speeds are down to a race car-rivalling 130 milliseconds – the new transmission comes equipped with four specific driving modes including two paddle shift options. Naturally, more rapid shifts translate into quicker acceleration. The Vanquish now devours 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds, half a second faster than the current six-speed version. The 2015 model will now sprint past the magic 200mph mark thanks to optimised peak power now at 568bhp. Torque is also up to 465 lb/ft and the overall package is complemented by tweaks to the handling in the form of uprated dampers and stiffer suspension.

Global release of new Vanquish is due for late in 2014 with the car ready for delivery by early next year. As expected, the familiar mix of coupe and  volante variants will remain on the menu but stay tuned for more specifics in terms of pricing and trim options.

Take a sneak-peak at the 2015 Vanquish being put through its paces at Aston’s proving ground in the video below.