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RenalutSport Megane Takes Hot Hatch Crown


The king is dead… Ford’s Focus RS hit the end of its production run a few months ago, something that displeased us greatly. The RS was the best hot hatch on the market, or arguably ever, but Renault’s Megane was never too far behind. With the thrown now vacant and new RenaltSport launched, the French want to take the crown.

This is the Megane 265 starting from a very reasonable £24,825 or £26,025 for the Cup variant. With a new black and red “I hate my parents” teenage ASBO paint option, the new car ticks the boxes in the visual department. Boost from the engines turbo is now 2.5 bar and as a result produces 261BHP. 0-62MPH is dusted off in 6 seconds and the cars top speed is just 2MPH off 160MPH. Opting for the previously mentioned Cup chassis brings revisions to the suspension and brakes, some stickier tyres as well as a limited slip differential.