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Renault Clio Red Bull RB7 Edition


With the resurgence of the hatchback in these though economic times manufacturers are looking more inventive ways to boost sales. Renault have an active role in Formula One as an engine supplier and even power double world champions Red Bull Racing. Not quite in the same way as the Williams edition of the Clio in the 90’s, a new special edition heads to market.

This rather sinister hot hatch is the RB7 Edition, named after the championship winning racing car. Sporting yellow trim on top of that deep metallic black paint, the car also incorporates the Red Bull logo and a checkered roof. The Red Bull Edition is based on the Clio R.S. and so has the CUP chassis as standard, the power of 203 horses and a higher grade of tyre.

Want one? Well many of you will be disappointed as it is only being sold in a handful of European countries, the UK is not included.