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Renault Dezir Concept


No, I haven’t just had a fit at the keyboard; the car is called the Dezir (des-ire) and it is a showcase of Renaults new design direction. The French company want to move towards more emotional styling in future models, anybody else thinking that they feel under threat from the Peugeot RC-Z’s seductive looks?  Under the new flowing bodywork the engineers have been hard at work producing an electric motor to keep the greens happy and further persuade eco-sheep that the combustion engine has passed its sell by date.

We really love those rear-hinged gullwing doors and the overall aesthetic does have a slight Alpine hint to it. Could the Dezir be a forerunner for the revival of the iconic subsidiary that made its name in rallying? We hope so, but for now this remains a concept and it will be on display at the Paris motor show later this year.