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Renault Revives Alpine


You know those times when you see kids continuously moan at their parents for something. “Please, please, please, please, please Mummy, please, please…” 99% of the time Mum or Dad gives in to grant the world some peace from their impatient offspring. Renault have stood firm despite the diehard fans scream for a return of Alpine over numerous years. Today the children have been treated with the toy that they have always wanted.

Celebrating 50 years since the dawn of Alpine, this is the stunning Alpine A110-50. The concept marks the anniversary with a thundering 395BHP V6. Based upon the chassis of the Megane Trophy, the flowing body of carbon fibre conceals an overall package that Renault would very much like to produce. The thought of a well priced mid-engined sports car is something that we can all take solace in; however, as the French company have said “first we must make the sums work.”