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Renault Twizy F1 Concept Packs KERS Power Boost


Renault Twizy F1 Concept frontAre car manufacturers becoming a bit sober? A bit boring in comparison to their younger selves? Gone are the days of mega hatchbacks spawned from Group-B rally cars and in their place sits machines that only ever seem to put on weight. Renualt have gone all out to show the world that they haven’t lost their sense of fun with possibley the coolest concept car of the year.

This is the Renault Twizy F1 Concept, in essence a Twizy equipped with the very same KERS that a Formula One car takes racing. An extra 79BHP is sent to the Twizy’s rear wheels when a button is pushed on the race inspired steering wheel. Donning a front wing, sidepods and rear wing, this single seater electric car means business. 0-62MPH can now be completed in 6.0, a figure that matches Renault’s fastest road car on sale today. The chassis was setup by RenaultSport whilst the cars inner workings were left to their F1 division.

Renault Twizy F1 Concept profileRenault Twizy F1 Concept rear