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Renault Vel Satis Replacement Surfaces


The Renault Vel Satis was, erm, an interesting car to look at not to put too fine a point to it. I can only imagine the inspiration for the exterior was a cheese grater that had become fused to a toaster in a horrific kitchen utensils accident. Regardless of this, the car its self was a rather pleasant place to be once inside, mainly because you could view the exterior. Comfort and luxury were its main objectives and it did this fantastically with a silky smooth ride and a set of possibly the most comfortable seats in motoring. 2009 marked its end but today we can announce the new Latitude, the cars more socially acceptable replacement.

The Latitudes design has been bases more on the current Laguna saloon as opposed to a people carrier and I must say it’s not bad looking. The Latitude comes with every toy Renault could lay their hands on including massaging chairs, Bose audio system, and a double fragrance diffuser whatever that is. The car will be formally unveiled at this year’s Paris Motor Show.