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Renaults Glorified Mobility-Scooter Available For Order


Traveling around a busy city these days results in more time stuck in traffic than actually getting on with what you intended to do that day. Your fuel just burning away as the car idles and in this ever “greening” social system we live in that just won’t do. Some manufacturers make small city cars but Renault has gone a step further in urban transport with what they call the Twizy.

Other than containing a stupid name this product is an all-electric method of getting around town. It is completely road legal and can seat two. I quite like the obscure design but there is no getting away from the fact that is is just a magnified variant the elderly ride around on whilst attempting to mow down pedestrians. The range starts at £6,690 with the additional cost of leasing the battery at £40 every month. It is powered by a 17BHP motor and two trim levels are available for pre-order.