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Review: 2016 Ford Edge Sport 210


2016 Ford Edge rearIn the SUV world image means an awful lot. These vehicles make a very clear statement to the world what their owner is all about. Some like to be subtle and sleek, others more sporty. Premium models of this nature are highly valued amongst owners and at this current moment in time it is the Germans who have this arena dominated. Audi Q5, BMW X3, and the Mercedes-Benz GLC are all gunning for the top spot. However, whilst those brands have been squabbling Ford has been readying a bold move to try and beat them at their own game. This is the 2016 Ford Edge and it wants its own slice of this lucrative pie.

Clearly standing out in such a competitive segment is important,2016 Ford Edge logo and the new Edge certainly does that. Our test car, finished in Electric Spice, was a real attention stealer. Cutting a purposeful stout outline into its surroundings, the Ford Edge proudly displays its large grill that forms the blunt nose. Prominent lines stretch down its length carrying your eye to a chiseled rear end. A boot spoiler and these contrasting alloy wheels add a sporty element. The overall design is very bold, American in its execution, and rather unique. I quite like it.

2016 Ford Edge insideThe interior provides a plentiful amount of space for occupants as it is absolutely cavernous. A full length glass panoramic roof, which can also slide open, amplifies the airy feeling inside by letting in more natural light. Much like the latest Mondoe, the 2016 Ford Edge continues this brands push upmarket with metallic trims and a tidy centre console. An 8 inch touchscreen infotainment system along with a premium Sony audio unit found a home in out top specification Sport. The half leather and Alcantara seats proved comfortable and looks suitably upmarket. Whilst there are more plastic surfaces found in the cabin than some of the German luxury models this is aiming for, it is unrivalled in terms of space. Rear leg room is best in class as is the 602 litre boot. If you were to fold those rear seats down that space expands to a mammoth 1,788 litres.

There is a choice of two 2.0 litre diesel engines for the 2016 Ford2016 Ford Edge front Edge, but it was the 208 BHP bi-turbo model that caught our attention. Paired with a 6 speed automatic transmission and all wheel drive, something that is standard on all variants, this SUV is well equipped. It feels like a car of substance on the move with its large proportions surrounding you. 450Nm of torque means that despite this cars weight, it does pull cleanly. In this guise it is most at home on the open road as it effortlessly disposes of motorway miles. The ride does a respectable job of soaking up road imperfections, whilst the automatic transmission is competent enough to get on with its own thing. Something you will notice straight away is just how quiet the Edge is. Noise canceling frequencies are played through the speakers greatly reducing road and wind acoustics. It is very clever and works far better than I was expecting. Once those turbos are up to speed, strong overtaking manurers are no trouble for Fords latest SUV. On twisty roads the 2016 Ford Edge does offer plenty of grip and precise steering. That said, this cars weight is noticeable through the corners with some body roll getting the better of the sport suspension on this model. It isn’t bad to drive by any means, but it is far happier being driven elegantly than with serious vigour. In an urban environment the Edge is actually more manageable than what you might think for its size. Large door mirrors, reversing camera, and good all around visuality enables you to manoeuvre this car without the fear of taking out a post box. Control weighting is light and therefore easy to operate day to day. Something Ford hasn’t shied away from are this cars off roading credentials. Clearly this is no tank when it comes to tackling the rough stuff, but that doesn’t mean it is not capable. Calving a course through the Scottish hills revealed that the intelligent all wheel drive does a fine job of finding traction. All of that torque also empowers you ready for when he terrain becomes steeper. 47.9 MPG combined is claimed.

The 2016 Ford Edge should be applauded for taking on the establishment. It is a very practical family car that offers its own flavour in this segment. It will be interesting to see if Ford can tempt buyers away from other brands, but one thing this Edge represent is better value in terms of extra toys. The options list for a premium SUVs can be a killer. Prices start from £29,995 or if you want our more powerful example with the automatic gearbox, £36,750.

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