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Rolls-Royce Build A Mini


The Mini is one of the best selling hatchbacks of today. The very popular little car with retro design is everywhere you look. In some places it is possible to find the car park you are in to be invaded by more Mini’s than there are physical car park spaces. This is great for the brand but what happens if you want your Mini to be a bit more exclusive? Rolls-Royce had a few ideas.

Thanks to both Mini and Rolls-Royce being owned by BMW the collaborative city car has been turned into a reality for the Shanghai auto show. The craftsmanship, as you would expect, is sublime with the use of sculpted leathers and various woods make the Mini seem like a little “Roller” in its own right. The new 1.6 litre turbo engine sits under the bonnet producing 184BHP and completes this very exclusive package.