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Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification Brings More Power


Rolls-Royce Ghost V-SpecifictionRolls-Royce. Two words that just about anybody from whatever background can relate to quality and the finest luxury. Be them the lucky few who relax within or those who see one waft by, the Spirit of Ecstasy is something of a seal of excellence when it comes to cars. The companies new coupe, the Rolls-Royce Wraith, is powered by the same 6.6 litre V12 as the Ghost but produces more power. To those who require this standard of luxury but more practicality, and are presumably in a hurry, have asked if some of these extra ponies could find their way into the larger car. The answer is yes.

Enter the Rolls-Royce Ghost V-Specification. Producing 593BHP, up from 563BHP, this palace on wheels sports two-tone 21 inch alloys as well as a smattering of V-Spec badging. Inside a new dashboard greets the driver with just as much royalty as can be found in the back. Available in both standard and an extended wheel base, this new model variant is set to make its debut at the Geneva motor show.