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Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II Says “What Recession?”


If you want the very best in off-roading you buy a Land Rover. If you want the a performance machine to turn heads you buy a Ferrari. And if you want the ultimate in automotive luxury you buy a Rolls-Royce. The hand built British brand is unquestionably the worlds benchmark for road going royalty. Now the double R shows the world its new Phantom and they still maintain that the loudest thing in the cabin at 100MPH is the ticking of the clock.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II takes the success of its predecessor and enhances it. Spawning multiple models across the range, from Coupe to Long Wheelbase, each car is built to order and to your exact specification. Refinements for 2012 include a slightly reworked body incorporating LED lights, 3D maps for the sat-nav, a new 8 speed automatic gearbox, and a V12 that produces 10% less CO2.

If you have to ask the price, odds are you probably can’t afford it.