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The Rough and Tumble of WRC


VW Polo WRC Mexico

Through a thick forest or the soft snow. Over gravel and through raging rivers. Pistons pound and palms sweat, the hills are alive but not with the sound of music, instead the chorus of combustion. The World Rally Championship is arguable the ultimate test of man and machine as competitors skid, slide and even fly to set the fastest times in some of the harshest environments the world has to offer. However, over the years this battle of incredible cars and nature has fallen away from the pubic eye. It is time to bring rallying back to the top of the motorsport pile and Volkswagen want you to get involved.

In their debut year, the Volkswagen rally team are well on their way to clinching the championship, quite the achievement. Join the team on their Rally the World campaign that allows you to take to the wheel of a 2013 WRC VW Polo just like Sebastien Ogier! Drift and power-slide your way to victory for the new team on a variety of surfaces including asphalt snow and gravel. Also get more involved with VW’s rally efforts with their videos documenting the teams progress as well as exclusive interviews with their star drivers. Can Volkswagen take the title in a highly competitive championship where Citroen have dominated for the past four years in a row? Check out the explosive video below for a taste of the adrenaline pumping world of the World Rally Championship.

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