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Saab Saved… AGAIN


He has caught the ball, but it has slipped from his hands, yet he grasps it gain before hitting the ground, no he has indeed fallen over with the ball. If Saab’s finical issues were to be described as a cricket fielder catching the ball that would be it. The Swedish manufacturer has escaped the jaws of death yet again.

A few months ago they couldn’t afford to employ their employees but after some government help all looked as if it might just work out rosy for Saab. However, multiple complications with Chinese investors led to the company owing more money as the business looked to be going down faster than the Titanic. At last some good news! Pang Da and Youngman are to buy Saab for 100 million euros from its owners. The deal is waiting to be approved by the Chinese government.

It appears, at least for now, Saab clings to existence.