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Safety First as Porsche Recalls the Panamera


The fantastic Porsche Panamera seamlessly blends high performance with the luxury of a German saloon.  This fantastic piece of machinery is an extremely capable sports car and one we at Inside Lane are a big fan of. The car being German is inherently well built, or so we thought…

Porsche have announced that they are recalling 11,300 Pananmera’s over fears that the mounts for the seatbelts could detach themselves when the seats are altered to extreme forward positions. 404 cars in the UK have been recalled as it is only models produced at the end of February that are affected. Of course Porsche will resolve the problem free of charge when you go to your local Porsche centre for the repair.

Now we were slightly surprised at this news, however millions of cars are recalled every day and it’s only since the Toyota “incidents” that people have started to take notice. The Panamera is just as safe as the next car and much like any other model it will have slight teething problems such as this in its early life. Also Porsche do state that this can only occur when the seat is altered to extreme positions, and with the Panamera having four doors there is no real need to attempt to fold the front seats flat. If you own a Panamera I wouldn’t worry about this too much, just pop down to the dealer and they’ll have it fixed up in no time. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don’t let the fascist newspapers get hold of this or we will never hear the end of headlines such as “Porsche owners are as good as dead!”