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Salon Privé 2015


Salon Privé 2015Whilst the world gears up for the arrival of the Frankfurt motor show where plenty of new metal will be on display, the UK hosted another motoring event. Salon Privé is like no other automotive gathering as this show doesn’t entertain the all-new Renault Megane or anything from mainstream manufacturers. Oh no, this unique date in the calendar is for the crème de la crème of automotive lust. This year the beautiful setting of Blenheim Palace was chosen with its immaculate scenery and charming character.

Imagine a garden party, the sort filled with the well-healed and punctuated with Champagne and lobster. Ladies and Gentlemen dressed in fine dresses and sharp suits mingle on a highly manicured lawn. However, amongst the skilfully crafted garden furniture you will find some other very special guests. Supercars is numbers you have never seen, hyper cars that you have only read about, and classics worth many millions each. Not fenced off, not protected by body guards, each just simply another guest at the party.

The ultra rare Koenigsegg One:1 looked fast even whilst stationary. Recent lap times around Spa would suggest that this 1,341HP road legal beast is faster than the McLaren P1. Alongside it was aAston Martin DB10 Salon Privé McLaren P1, but more impressively a GTR track variant. Not to be outdone, Ferrari brought along their new FXX K track car. Arriving by invitation was the 2017 Ford GT, the blue ovals up and coming halo. But then the star of the show revealed itself. Making its first UK debut was the extremely rare Aston Martin DB10. James Bond’s latest weapon of choice, this car numbers only 10. Beautifully sculpted from every angle, it will no doubt be the centrepiece of Spectre. You can find our video of the Aston Martin HERE.

The concourse was exemplary with everything from a showroom condition Lamborghini Miura to an extremely valuable Ferrari 250 SWB and California. It was a real treat to see these legends meticulously prepared and demonstrated. The collective value of these machines is unimaginable.

Salon Privé 2015 was a huge success and something that you have to really see in order to believe.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event on our Facebook page HERE.

Pagani Huyra