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SALON PRIVÉ, the Motor Show for Lords and Ladies


In essence SALON PRIVÉ is a motor show for those who have pockets deeper than the Grand Canyon. You won’t find the latest Ford Fiesta on show here as it wouldn’t suit its surrounding company of Bugatti Veyron’s and other ultra-rare hyper cars. SALON PRIVÉ describes itself as “The UK’s ultimate Super Car Event and Concours d’Elégance. Salon Privé offers a unique opportunity to see the most exotic modern and vintage super cars in the world.” Naturally this event isn’t set in an exhibition hall in London, oh no, that would be far to common. It is in fact held at the prestigious grounds of the Hurlingham club.

The event has now been running for 5 years and the attendance keeps getting better and better each year. Here are the highlights from the only motor show this year with a “garden party” atmosphere.