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Sauber C34 is Hungry for Points in F1 2015


2015 Sauber C34Sauber are a very well known name in motorsport and for them not to score a single point during the 2014 Formula One season was disheartening. For any Formula One team to survive it needs success and last year Sauber had none at all. Hungry to reestablish themselves as a midfield team, hard work has been carried out over the winter months. Something that will aid them are improvements to the Ferrari power unit. A lot of hope is being placed on the Sauber C34.

A huge change for the team is an all-new livery for 2015. The Sauber C34 Formula One car is now predominantly blue with yellow and white detailing. It is rather handsome, we think anyway, with naked carbon fibre on show towards the rear. A key area for all teams this year is the nose due to regulation changes. Sauber have chosen to make the nose tip as small as possible with steep angles broadening it to regulation width. As mentioned, the car is still powered by Ferrari’s hybrid V6 engine which in 2014 under performed. Extensive changes have been made which might propel Sauber further up the grid.

Winter testing for 2015 F1 cars begins in February. Marcus Ericsson and Filipe Nasr will drive the C34 for 2015.